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Tips to Keep Your Vehicle From Being Stolen

Welcome to the 2nd Week of Safety Tip Tuesday.  I hope everyone had a happy and safe 4th of July.

July is National Vehicle Theft Protection Month.  Facts are – a vehicle is stolen every 44 seconds.  July and August are the busiest months of the year for car thieves.  Certain models of cars are stolen more than others – but surprisingly – 72% are your average, model passenger car.

Statistics for 2012 show the most stolen car 4 years in a row was a 1999 Honda Accord.  Other popular stolen vehicles include Honda Civics, Ford F150 Pickups even the 1991 Toyota Camry!  Don’t think because your car is old it is safe.

Most Popular Stolen Vehicle
Most Popular Stolen Vehicle

Over 40% of the thefts are caused because the owner of the vehicle has not taken steps to keep the car safe and secure.  The following are some basic tips to help you avoid a car theft and losing your valuables.

  • Do not leave your key in the ignition.
  • Roll up all windows and lock the doors of your vehicle.
  • Don’t leave valuable items in your car and if you do – hide them.
  • Park in areas that are well lit.
  • If you have a garage at home – park in it.
  • Don’t leave the vehicle while it is running.
  • Get some kind of anti-theft deterrent for your vehicle.
  • Use common sense when leaving your car somewhere.

Approximately, 52% of the cars that are stolen are recovered.  If your car is stolen make sure to call the police right away along with your insurance carrier to protect you from further liability.  Please add any tips you have or use to keep your vehicle safe.

Until next week, Tracy

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