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Things I find During Google Search

Each day I do a google search for safety related products. These usually include Pepper sprays, Tasers, Personal Alarms, etc.  

I’ve discovered a few things – crimminals have all the latest personal safety items. Many use them foolishly – the following story is just one example…

Burglary Suspect Arrested Following Sex, Pepper Spray

By: Metro News

(Hillsboro, MO) — A burglary suspect in Missouri is finding out that it’s never a good idea to have sex while committing a crime.

According to, the man and a woman had broken into the garage of a Hillsboro home last Sunday when they decided to get romantic. However, while engaged in the act, the woman reportedly sprayed the man with pepper spray. She then took off with his car and drove it into a pond two miles away. To make matters worse, the homeowner woke up and spotted the man as he was leaving the garage. Police showed up and apprehended the suspect, who was wearing only a rain coat at the time of his arrest.

I just can’t help but think…what kind of “rain coat” was this guy wearing??

You never know what kind of story you will find…but crimminal stories are often amusing!!!!

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