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TASER® – Everyone Knows What They Are

TASER®'s Are Known To All - Young And Old

TASER® is becoming a household word.  People young and old all seem to know about this product.  Several weekends a month I’m participating in some type of show.  I sell stun guns and TASER® products.   I’m amazed at how many people come up – many wide eyed asking about the TASER®.

Is it because of TV, Movies, video games or maybe even the now famous “Don’t Tase Me, Bro” that has exposed even the youngest to know what these self defense tools are???  Often, someone will pick one up and try to use it on their friend, family member or person standing next to them.

Stun Guns which are different than a TASER® are often referred to incorrectly.  A stun gun is a hand held device that must touch a person to be effective.  TASER® has probes that shoot out.  Most people call all of the different products a TASER®.  Hopefully, it won’t be used so much that the brand name is lost.  No matter though…these items have gotten plenty of exposure and the name is known to young and old!!!

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