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Pharmacy Manager Douses Suspect in Pepper Spray – Video

Pepper Spray was used by a Pharmacy Manager on a man that tried to hold up a pharmacy.  Fox News Insider posted this Video showing Susan Beller replying to his hold up note with Pepper Spray.  She really blasted him in the face with this and then she and another pharmacy employee chased the man out of the store.

Apparently, the man had so much pepper spray (actually, she used Bear Pepper  Spray which has a range of 15 – 20 feet) his parents called 911 and that is how he was caught.  I wonder how proud they were of their son??

Good for Susan Beller for spraying him!!!!

4 thoughts on “Pharmacy Manager Douses Suspect in Pepper Spray – Video”

  1. There are so many ways pepper spray can be used for personal protection and hurray for the pharmacy manager for having the pepper spray and knowing how to use it! I never leave home without mine hooked to my keychain.

    1. Knowing how to use a self defense item is as important as having one. Inert pepper spray is available just for training purposes! Thanks for your comment!

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