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Mesquite Scanner is proud to announce that we have partnered with Personal Safety Source (PSS ) This partnership is to benefit you the followers. PSS will be introducing a new weekly segment called “Safety Tip Tuesday.” We will begin the posting the segment this Tuesday. The first Tuesday of each month will be a post about a certain product. This product will be a featured product of the month that PSS carries in their online store. This product will be given away at the end of the month to a lucky follower in a contest. We will announce what the contest is the last week of each month. Is that cool or what!!!!! Make sure you go check out their website and FB page

PersonalSafetySource and Mesquite Scanner Partner Up
PersonalSafetySource and Mesquite Scanner Partner Up

Here is a little background/bio on PPS. is a locally woman owned business established in 2011. The inspiration for the non-lethal self defense business was a scary run in Tracy  had at an in home sales appointment. The client had been robbed the previous week and cautioned Tracy that if anyone saw her necklace they would rip it off her neck. It was as that point Tracy realized that she was carrying nothing for self defense. and its sister site offers non – lethal self defense items, surveillance cameras and more to the general public. The most popular items are pepper spray, stun guns, self defense keychains, nanny cams and security cameras.

Tracy  has over 15 years experience as a small business owner. She has been involved in healthcare and retail most of these years. She has a BBA and MBA from Texas A & M University in Commerce. She is a frequent speaker on non-lethal self defense products. She has a Son, Daughter in Law and First Grandchild that all live in Mesquite.

Most weekends has several tables at local gun shows, fairs, trade shows or community events. There is an online store and plans for a retail store in the Metroplex in 2014.

Mesquite Scanner page was started is to help inform you all about major events and announcements within the City of Mesquite as well as surrounding areas. Please be advised that the page is not updated 24 hours a day and is done on a voluntary basis only. We hope to make this page as informational as possible. Please feel free to add events as well as incidents when possible. Thank you for liking the page and hope that we serve the community well. ***NOTICE*** This page is meant to be informative and or recreational (hobby) only. Mesquite Scanner asks that you DO NOT try to approach or apprehend any suspects based on our posts. We encourage you to contact 911 and let the police handle the situation.!/MesquiteScanner or on twitter


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