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Pepper Spray Will Definitely Clear A Room, Yes…Pepper Spray

Sometimes meetings, banquets, events just run long.  While no one wants to claim they are boring and we’d rather be somewhere else – fact is it’s often true.  One security guard  found a way to clear a room and put an end to long speeches – Pepper Spray  yes, pepper spray.

My reports their Chamber Banquet was a burning, wheezing success full story! !  Apparently, a security guard came to check on upcoming events and leaned up against a wall and accidentally discharged his pepper spray.  The pepper spray was believed to travel through the ventilation system from the hallway into the grand ballroom.

The Man of the Year was giving his speech and the coughing began, then wheezing and everyone was joining in.  Could his speech have been that bad??  While it continued to get worse they finally realized what it was.  The Chief of Police then informed the crowd they could leave through the side doors and avoid the lobby.

Pepper Spray when used correctly can be a great personal safety tool.  Accidentally, discharge it and pepper spray can clear a room.  I’m sure the security guard will make sure the safety is on his pepper spray from now on and won’t live down the jokes for quite awhile!!!


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