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Pepper Spray All Over The News

Pepper Spray has been all over the news lately.  Some stories are good and some are just crazy.  I get daily alerts for pepper spray and have come to understand that crimminals all have this stuff.  Even people that probably didn’t start out wanting to harm someone with pepper spray actually did.

Now who can forget the Black Friday pepper spraying at Walmart.  A woman used pepper spray to ensure she had a place in line for a deeply disounted deal on an x-box.  Over 20 people in the store were victims of this – including children.  News reports say she sprayed people in more than one area of the store.  She did come forward at a later time and turned herself in.

About the same time as the Walmart incident, Pepper Spray was used by campus police at UC Davis during a peaceful rally.  A line of students who were not causing any problems were sprayed.  You get the media and even Senators involved in this situation and you’ll get put on immediate leave.

Pepper Spray really is a useful personal safety source – Yet it is missued when put into the wrong hands.  Hopefully, there won’t be too many more of these crazy incidents of pepper spray gone wrong!!!

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