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IPhone Stun Gun Case – What Do You Think???

There are always new products and ideas being launched.  I carry the cell phone stun gun, I’d seen the pepper spray cell phone case but now it seems there is an IPhone Stun Gun Case.   An Article in PC World gives the details of the YellowJacket.

Seems funding is being sought for this product and an introductory price of $85 is being offered.  The premise behind this is that self defense tools need to be where you need them most.

Take a look at this Full Article and tell me what you think!!!

3 thoughts on “IPhone Stun Gun Case – What Do You Think???”

  1. I like the idea too as the IPhone is the up and coming thing; thanks for bringing this product to our attention. The only draw back might be the price-for some people $85 may be a little steep?!!

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