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Facebook Parenting For The Troubled Teen – Right or Wrong???

It seems a parent of a teen took matters into his own hands.  Tommy Jordan wasn’t happy about what his 15 year old daughter posted on facebook.  She blocked her parents and her tirade began.  This didn’t keep her parents away and kid (and everyone alike) should know what is on Facebook does not stay private.  Mr. Jordan was not happy with what he found and he posted this video on YouTube.  He shows himself shooting, yes, shooting, his daughers laptop.

Mr. Jordan was not happy about a post his daughter Hannah made on facebook.  Apparently, she was tired of chores and wrote an open letter to her parents  complaining about her life but blocked them from seeing it.  The thing is…what is posted on Facebook isn’t really private and something like this will get around very quickly.

The video has a link to a facebook page where  Mr. Jordan posted the video.  He wanted to be sure his daughter and all her friends would see it.  The video and the Facebook page have gone viral.  The YouTube video has over 25,000, 000 hits…yes, millions and 285,905 likes and 26,675 dislikes.  The facebook post has 84,051 likes (they don’t have a “dislike” button, 37,672 comments and 33,241 shares. 

Reviews on this are obviously mixed.  Some comments praise Mr. Jordan, “way to go”, “you are my hero” and others are not so kind, “you need counseling”, “what an idiot”…in fact, the video even caught the attention of CPS.

Right or Wrong???  What do you think???

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