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4 thoughts on “Dog safety tips you may not have thought of – MetroWest Daily News (blog)”

  1. This subject is near and dear to my heart. I have a dog and know only too well that you have to take care that they don’t ingest something that can make them very sick. My dog is not a hound dog, but you would thing she is because when we are on a walk, she can smell food a mile away. She’s even been known to go back to the spot where she found food. Drives me crazy! Thanks for this great article!

  2. Thanks for this great article-I really gained some useful safety information for the protection of my dog. As a dog lover, I am always eager to learn new ways to protect my pet and this blog was loaded with useful safety tips that I certainly will put into practice.!

  3. I never knew that cooked bones were bad for dogs.If fresh bones could break their teeth, what bones do you give them? It really never occurred to me give my dog a birth after a visit to the beachor lakes. Thanks, those were good and salient points about dogs.

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