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Baby Squirrel Pepper Sprayed – Top Dallas News???

In my daily pepper spray searches I find some interesting articles and stories and some that make you wonder – what were they thinking??   It seems a top story in the Dallas Pepper Spray search is about a Mesquite Policeman pepper spraying a baby squirrel on a  school campus.  This act was done in front of the students and a girl filmed it with her cell phone.  The video was then featured on many local news channels and posted on youtube which attracted national media attention.

Here is one link to the story on YouTube titled:  Seriously!?! Police Mace Baby Squirrel On The News In Dallas.  Only In Mesquite!  that youtube user 020808 uploaded.  I have to say – I find it a little disturbing.  You hear the kids and I know it had to be upsetting for them. 

It turns out the baby squirrel was ok. It was treated and let back into the wild.  Hopefully, it will never make it’s way onto a school campus.  I hope while I’m doing my Dallas Pepper Spray searches no more stories like this will turn up!!!!

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