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About Pepper Spray Law – Dallas & Texas

Many people don’t realize what the laws are regarding Pepper Spray. Each State is different and even within the State there can be different local laws.

Pepper Spray laws in Texas are governed by the Texas Penal Code. Specifically,


Pepper Spray can be considered a weapon. What is considered illegal is: “Chemical dispensing device” means a device, other than a small chemical dispenser sold commercially for personal protection that is designed, made, or adapted for the purpose of dispensing a substance capable of causing an adverse psychological or physiological effect on a human being.

Basically, what this is saying is that a small dispenser is ok. What exactly is “small” is not considered. The law goes on to say where all weapons can be used and in what areas even legal weapons are illegal. Such locations are a school or educational institution, polling places when an election is happening, in a secure area at an airport, government court or offices used as courts (written permission can be requested), racetracks, and within 1000 feet of the location of a place of execution.

Further research into pepper spray Dallas laws brought no results. Most cities across the country follow their state as to what the specific weapons laws are. There are some cities such as New York that don’t allow pepper spay. Always check your State laws to be sure. Personal pepper spray can be found here:

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8 thoughts on “About Pepper Spray Law – Dallas & Texas”

  1. I don’t think many people realize that Pepper Spray laws can vary from state to state and sometimes from city to city. It’s always good to check your local pepper spray laws before you buy something you can’t use. Great blog!

    1. There seems to be a lot of uncertainty about the legality of pepper spray. Many believe don’t know it’s legal in their city or state!

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