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Welcome to my word press blog.  I started because of two different situations that happened to me.

  1. I sell medicare insurance and more in home.  I was at an appointment about 40 miles from home.  The customer had their home broken into the week before.  She saw the necklace that I was wearing and told me if any of the thugs around saw it – they would rip it off my neck.
  2. Someone broke into my home.  The evidence was found in the garage where someone tore off the door moulding and frame trying to get in the house.  My garage was stuffed with all the last things from my late parents house.  There was no way someone came in through the garage door and then to the back door – they had to have been in the house and ran into the garage when we got home.

These incidents scared me.  In the first instance I realized that I was carrying nothing with me as I was going in stranger’s home.  This is never a good idea – yet I had never thought about it.  The second incident scared me and our whole household.  I kept a chair against that door for quite a while – but a doorstop alarm would have worked just as well.

I now sell these products online through my website, at gun and knife shows, trade shows and through word of mouth.  Just about anybody I talk to is in need of these products.  You hope it’s something you never have to use – but I believe it’s better to have it and not use it – then to need it and not have it!!


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