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A TASER® Can Be A Stun Gun – But A Stun Gun Can’t Be A TASER®


Confusion arises between the difference of a TASER® and a stun gun. They are two different things and should be treated as such.

TASER® is a trademarked name for TASER® International as well as a brand name. TASER®’s are products used by many Law enforcement agencies and civilians alike. TASER®’s cause electrical muscular disruption (EMD) which results in involuntary muscle control causing a person to drop to the ground.

The TASER® has two electrodes which propel from the gun through the use of compressed nitrogen. These dart like electrodes are still attached to the main unit and may not be reused. A new cartridge must be used each time. If the TASER® does not hit the target it can be used as a stun gun.

A stun gun must be touching the other person to be effective. The probes produce an electrical current which can go through the clothes. The electrical current will cause the muscles to work very fast and depletes them of blood sugars. This current will also interrupt the tiny neurological impulses that control muscle movement. This will result in disorientation and a loss of balance. Leaving someone an opportunity to get away from a dangerous situation.

The TASER@ can also be used as a stun gun. So, this is how a TASER® can be a stun gun but a stun gun can’t be a TASER®.


4 thoughts on “A TASER® Can Be A Stun Gun – But A Stun Gun Can’t Be A TASER®”

  1. Stun guns are great personal security devices and economical, but my preference is Taser as you can be up to 15 feet away from you assailant and still engage your weapon. The further I can stay from my assailant should I find myself under attack the better!

    1. I believe both have their purpose. I have found once someone hears the sound of a stun gun – they usually don’t want to come any closer. The TASER® is great because it gives you the distance from your attacker – but it can also be used as a stun gun!!!

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